GSoC Weekly Blog #5

Published: 08/03/2020

This week was a little tough for me. First I got some issue while writing the tests for the version history window. For some reasons the tests throw an error randomly and sometimes they pass successfully. I suspect this is a timing issue but increasing sleep time in between commands did not fix this problem. My mentors and I are still investigating this issue.

The next thing I worked on was import file and merge waypoints window. The import file functionality was simple to implement however, I have been a little stuck on the merge window implementation.  I am having some trouble to make the UI like I want with PyQt. I have gone through a lot of docs to see how to implement it in the most efficient and simpler way but have not found exactly what I am looking for.

I am very close to finishing up all the work related to my proposal. With the merge window complete only some minor features would remain. After that I just need to finish up the remaining tests and fix bugs if any. So this week my aim is to finish this merge functionality and see how much else I can complete.

I mostly get stuck while building the UI with PyQt5. There are some very simple tasks which would have been much easier in some other frameworks but I find them hard to do in PyQt. Although when I started GSoC I had absolutely zero experience in using PyQt, I am much more confident in using it now.