GSoC Weekly Check-In #1

Published: 06/01/2020

Hey, I'm Tanish Grover. I'll be contributing to Mission Support System (MSS) under Python Software Foundation during GSoC'20. I'll be working on improving Mscolab functionalities.

What did you do this week?
I spent the last week of community bonding closing some existing issues in Mscolab to get more familiarized with the codebase. I spent some time reading the PyQt5 documentation and learning how to write better tests. I started designing the admin window and have got a good understanding of exactly what part of the existing codebase I need to update and what I need to add so I would be more efficient when I start coding.

What is coming up next?
This week I would be working on the Mscolab admin dashboard. I would be completing the UI and adding the add/modify/delete functionality.

Did you get stuck anywhere?
I got stuck while fixing an issue which required to import a different file when the test suites are running but I was able to fix it.