GSoC Weekly Check-In #2

Published: 06/15/2020

What did I do this week?

My plans for this week was to start work on the chat window. However, my mentor had an idea about a nice feature to add in the admin dashboard, so I worked on completing that first. It was a feature to copy permissions from a different project to the selected one. This feature would save users a lot of time if they have multiple projects and are working with the same group of people. After implementing this, I worked on completing the pending tests in the admin window. After this, I started my work on the chat window but I was only able to do the new design part and some refactoring.

What is coming up next?
This week, I would be working on the chat window. I would be having a meeting with my mentors first, to finalize some features and based on their feedback I would be picking which feature to start my work on.

Did I get stuck anywhere?

Writing tests for the first time has been a bit hard for me. Deciding what feature to test, having proper seed data for testing etc are till some things I am learning. However, after writing the tests for the admin window, I feel much more confident going forward.