Week 11 Review

Published: 08/15/2023


This week I had one PR merged, and created an additional 3 more PRs relating to the test suite cleanup and test coverage increases. Starting with the merged PR - 

- Setting for number format in archive tab #1719 - https://github.com/borgbase/vorta/pull/1719 - In this PR I created a setting in the Misc Tab that allows users to decide if they want their units of size in the archiver tab to be displayed in one fixed unit (such as all in KB or all in GB), or if they would rather have them displayed in dynamic units based on what is most appropriate for the archive size. This setting is important because some users prefer to have all files displayed in the same unit so they can easily compare archives to each other. Some prefer to have their archive sizes in a more natural display with dynamic units, so I implemented this option. After creating the setting and adding functionality to it, I also added tests for the new setting as well as cleaned up and parametrized the existing utils tests. Getting this PR merged is my first UI related change for Vorta, and I am proud to have it complete!

Additionally, I created 3 new PRs relating to increasing the code coverage for vorta and cleaning up existing tests:

- PR: tests/unit/test_repo - Clean up, parametrize, and increase test coverage - https://github.com/borgbase/vorta/pull/1771
- PR: tests/unit/test_source: cleanup, parametrize, and increase test coverage - https://github.com/borgbase/vorta/pull/1772
- PR: tests/unit/test_import_export: increased test coverage - https://github.com/borgbase/vorta/pull/1774
Each of these PR's did a combination of cleaning up existing tests by reducing code duplication and increasing readability, as well as adding new tests to increase Vortas overall test coverage.

Finally, I attending the GSoC contributor final evaluation meeting for one hour on Tuesday morning where I listened to the GSoC admin discuss what we need to do to prepare for the final weeks of the program. I also scheduled and attended a meeting with my mentor, Manu, where we discussed progress on the test coverage project thus far, and where to go from here.


Things went well this week, and I did not identify any real challenges outside of just continuing to learn how to test some of the QT widgets and tables. Mostly it was a very smooth learning experience. I am continuing to learn how to identify what needs to be tested and how to approach testing in a way that adds meaningful value to the test suite.

The week ahead:

This week I believe I will be able to finish the Vorta test suite fixes. I am mostly done with the unit tests and can begin on the integration tests after that. If I am able to finish the test suite fixes this week then I will be going into next week ready for the UI projects that were part of my original proposal.