Week 13 Review

Published: 08/29/2023


This week I communicated with my mentor Manu that I was fielding a couple of job interviews, and as a result I was not able to accomplish as much as I normally would in a given week. That being said, I did have a couple of wins worth mentioning. Starting off, I was able to get the reduced test workflow PR merged into master last week. This has worked well in practice, and significantly reduces the number of jobs done on each push/PR. Specifically, push/pull requests now run a total of 11 checks, compared to the previous 39 that were occurring before. Push/Pull requests to master branch have had the comprehensive set of checks left in place, and the workflow I edited also leaves in place the ability to run a manual comprehensive check at any time. The result here has been that most triggers (normal push/pull requests to a branch other than master) run a thorough set of tests, they are no longer timing out, and the resource use/execution time has been reduced. 

This week I also created a PR for the final bits and pieces of the test suite revisions. I have created a few more tests, increased coverage from 77% to 79%, and generally "cleaned up" where I could. 


This week I did not face any challenges. Mostly due to the reduced workload as I focused a majority of my time on interview prep, as communicated with my mentor.

The Week Ahead:

In the week ahead, I have some additional interview prep that I have communicated with Manu. I am ready to begin working on the next project, which involves moving the profile selector and tab widget to a sidebar, and generally rethinking the main window interface. I will create a FR and mockups to brainstorm ideas and receive feedback from the community before beginning work in earnest.