Final Week: PR Merged 🎉

Published: 08/22/2021

What did you do this week?

This was the final week for GSoC and we (somehow) managed to get my PR merged! It broke the Gitpod integration but it was immediately fixed afterwards in scipy#14603. I also wrote and submitted my final report as my final evaluation.

As per my proposal, I was able to achieve all the listed milestones. Although I was able to add two new generators from UNU.RAN, there are a lot more which would be good to have in SciPy and would improve the performance significantly (e.g. NumericalInversePolynomial and AutomaticRatioOfUniforms). I have filed an issue scipy#14600 with a list of generators that can be added to SciPy over time. I am willing to continue the work on this project after GSoC and hopefully resolve the issue. I have started to work on adding NumericalInversePolynomial in scipy#14619 and already received some reviews from one of my mentors! I hope to add at least the most important generators before the 1.8.0 release.

I am happy I got a chance to work on such an interesting project and was able to achieve my goals. As always, my mentors and many other developers supported the project and contributed their expertise to increase the quality of my work. The output was orders of magnitude better than what I initially proposed. Thanks to everyone involved in this project!