Final Blog Post GSOC19

Published: 08/24/2019

Hi everyone!


It’s time for the last GSOC blog. I must say that it has been nice working with all of you. I have learned a lot and faced many professional challenges. In the end it was worth it. I hope GSOC experience will help me in the future and that my project will be useful to open source. You can check my final report at


Shout out to both of my mentors for taking me on board!

  • Konstantin,

    • Thank you for the constant help, knowledge, and advice! A mentor that I would recommend to any student!

  • Mikhail,

    • Thanks for jumping in at the right moments with important observations and help making the right decisions!


Shout out to other students


Finally shout out to all the other participants in Scrapy, especially


So that’s it. Hope to see you in open source or in another GSOC.



Tomas Baltrunas