Weekly check-in #4 (week 3): 10/06 to 16/06

Published: 06/17/2019

Hi! It’s almost a month into GSoC now.

What did you do this week?

In week 3 I submitted a Work-in Progress Pull Request (https://github.com/TeamHG-Memex/eli5/pull/315) for explaining Keras image classifiers. The rest of the week was making changes to this PR. One of the mentors added plenty of comments to the it so that kept me busy. I have changed many things: the tutorial, docstrings, exception handling, the API (function signatures). It’s maintenance time!


What is coming up next?

Finishing up the PR soon is definitely a priority, so that I can work on other things. There are a few issues left to resolve such as optimisation and managing optional dependencies for images. I need a few more tests for coverage to look good as well!


After that, I hope to get started with text and machine learning. The mentors shared some resources related to that, such as this book and tutorials from Tensorflow and Keras docs. First I will need to get familiar with the area, and only then start applying Grad-CAM.

Did you get stuck anywhere?

I was a bit stuck getting my docs build to work. In our Sphinx automatic documentation builder, when mocking external libraries I had to declare submodules, not just the top level modules, that I have used. The syntax for docstrings was weird too.


When making the tutorial I spent way too much time trying to find a unique picture from ImageNet. The site was often slow and after giving up I returned to the good old ‘cat_dog.jpeg’.


I wanted to work on new features this week, but I was always on the PR, so that was a blocker!


We have a week left before the first evaluation. Thanks for reading and keep up the work!

Tomas Baltrunas