Weekly check-in #5 (week 5): 24/06 to 30/06

Published: 07/01/2019

Hi all. I am running out of ideas for opening sentences, so let me just begin!

What did you do this week?

This week was evaluation, though that was very short and work continued as usual. On Monday and Wednesday I synced up with one of my mentors, discussing how we will incorporate text into existing ELI5 code, our next steps. 


However, I wanted to get the PR out of the way, so most of what I did this week was resolving comments and opening new GitHub issues for larger TODO’s and FIXME’s. Finally all the checks went green!


Only on Sunday I got to do a bit of work on text, reusing existing ELI5 code to highlight text importance.

What is coming up next?

Now that I have a roughly working “end-to-end” example of text explanations in a Jupyter Notebook, I need to incorporate it into the ELI5 codebase (on a new branch). The example is indeed “roughly working”, so I will need to experiment and debug, and add explanations for more models (RNN’s come to mind).


Thinking about the next stage - what to do by the second evaluation - I have two top priority tasks in mind. First, explain text. Second, add PyTorch support alongside Keras. Roughly the same goals as in the proposed schedule, with some differences.

Did you get stuck anywhere?

I found myself working on the PR for too long, and I think it’s harder for me to switch between tasks than to work on a single task. From next week a good resolution would be to focus on text and spend less time on the PR.


Remembering all the things I did through the week and putting them on a blog in one day also tended to be hard. My solution was to write every couple of days. This did not happen, but I did manage to write the blog a day earlier (Sunday instead of Monday)!


When working on the “end-to-end” text explanation example, I found the ELI5 objects used for HTML formatting a bit mystic. Fortunately there was a tutorial showing highlighted text, and stepping through ELI5 code with pdb and examining the values helped.


That’s the check-in for the week. Continue on the work!

Tomas Baltrunas