Weekly check-in #8 (week 11): 05/08 to 11/08

Published: 08/12/2019

Hi! We’re heading for the last week of coding in GSoC. The pressure is on. 

What did you do this week?

After mentors’ reviews the image-related code got merged into ELI5 master. Firstly the old image PR got merged. Then I opened a second PR to make API improvements to the first. The improvements ended up being reversed, but they were still made. For example we no longer require RGBA-only images. We can take images with any “mode”.


Since this has occupied me for most of the week, not much work was done on the other two PR’s. Nevertheless, for PyTorch I added the ability to specify a model’s layer as a string. For the text PR I made the automatic layer chooser more advanced, and added unit tests.

What is coming up next?

Week 12 will be a rush to complete the project. Specifically I will focus on getting the text and PyTorch PR’s as close to merging as possible.


For text, the major TODO’s are: 

  • Flesh out the text tutorial.

  • Code clean up (names, existing and new comments).

For PyTorch I need to:

  • Add validation as in Keras.

  • Add automated tests.

  • Create image + text tutorial(s)


If we do merge, make a “prepare release” PR that includes the new features in the next ELI5 version.

Did you get stuck anywhere?

The first thing that I got stuck on was resolving many merge conflicts. Since my text PR builds on the image PR, making changes to the image code made the two branches diverge. I went through the conflicts manually, and in some cases the git mergetool helped. The lesson is to merge in smaller blocks (and if possible make your PR’s independent of each other).


Another problem that stuck out was coding up things that we decided to reverse later on. This is fine for small things and can be fixed by discussion, but this is a problem to watch out for when dealing with larger things.


That’s it for the week. Hopefully we can keep the merge count up! I won’t have the time to tinker with ELI5 on a real problem or get user feedback, but that’s okay.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for one last blog next week!

Tomas Baltrunas