Google Summer of Code with Nuitka 6th Blog Post

Published: 08/19/2019

This week, I focused mostly on bug fixes and improving my PyPI-pytest automation script while also working on adding more standalone tests.

  1. I created a pull request to add support for py_modules compilation support in Nuitka. The pull request turned out very well, adding support for not only py_modules compilation but also the combination of package and module. In addition, a new distutil example was also added to showcase the compilation of package and module

  2. In the process of the above pull request, I discovered a regression in Nuitka and was created as a hotfix.

  3. In addition, Issue is fixed by #483 and is now closed

  4. I continued to improve my PyPI-pytest automated testing script, including functional improvements, minor speed improvements, readability, and documentation improvements. My work could be found at

  5. More standalone tests were also added to my pull request at This is a side goal and is less important


I am very proud of the work I have done this week. The goal for this final week is to finish up pull request #495, and I plan on finishing #484 after GSoC ends. I also discussed with my mentor and plan on working for Nuitka long term, even after GSoC :).