Weekly Check-In #10 : Wrapping up

Published: 08/16/2021

Hey everyone! With this check-in we have come to the end of GSoC. Though some things are still left to be done, most of the work is completed and PRs have been merged. In this week I will be solving as many of these as possible issues this week. Most of the issues are from the PRs generated before are easier to solve. But there are some issues that need a more careful look into. I look forward to solving these problems and complete the project.

What issues are still not solved?

Out of all the left issues, this is the most important. It covers the testing of the ws_sr_padron.py script. The problem is internal and requires the attention of my mentors. However when this issue is resolved I can finish with writing tests for this script and increase the coverage to an acceptable percentage.

Another issue that needs to be looked at is regarding the pyfepdf script and pdf generation. The issue here was that different facturas.txt files were created for Python 2 and 3. Though I identified early that the error was with Unicode, I couldn't understand how to solve it. Solving this issue is important because without it we cannot check the completeness of the generated facturas.txt file(which is used to generate the pdf file).

Next issue, although not a major one, is present in many PRs and has to be solved for all of them. This issue deals with the location of CONFIG_FILE that contains the configuration of many scripts. I had directly use the original file present in the conf folder, which my mentors advised was a risky thing to do. Therefore, I had to modify the workflow file to make a copy of the rece.ini file in the working directory, so that the original is not modified in any way.