Weekly Check-In #4

Published: 07/07/2021

This is my weekly check-in as I head into the fourth week of my Gsoc experience. In this article I talk about the work that I will carry out and the approach that I will accept to do so.

What will I be doing?

My mentors have asked me to fix some more unit tests before I can move forward and work on python entry points. These are tests that were either marked as skipped or xfailed because of the unexpected results they were giving. The scripts that contained these skipped or xfailing tests were:-
  • test_wsaa.py
  • test_wsfev1.py
  • test_wsmtx.py
There were 7 such tests that needed to be fixed, taking the number of passing tests to 209.

Since some xfailing tests were fixed, their cassettes had to be re-recorded. Also my mentors had asked me to move all tests from test_wsaa_crypto.py to test_wsaa.py. This was done so that there was only a single test script for all the scripts that were tested.

Apart from the tests, my mentors had also asked me to add coverage report for the tests, so that we could have the code coverage in percentage for the scripts that were tested.

Did I get stuck anywhere?

My approach for the tests was simple, unmark the skipped and xfailing tests and fix the tests one test at a time. Soon I realized that main problems with the tests that I was supposed to fix was that they were dependent on validating or asserting certain values to variables that were time-dependent. In other words , the values that were tested would change with time .These values were generated by the servers depending on the time and date. This was the reason that tests were failing now but passed during the time they were created. Initially I was stuck while understanding the cause of errors. But my mentors were really helpful and explained the error in detail.