Weekly Check-In #7

Published: 07/29/2021

After 4 days of evaluation, I am back to working on the remainder of my proposal. This week's work is one of the most important aspect of my proposal, that is ,code coverage. My mentors have decided to keep the acceptable code coverage to 80% , but also told me that 85% is achievable.

What will I be doing?

. Code coverage is directly related to unit testing and determines what percentage of the code has been covered by the tests. Whenever a large application or service is designed, it is important to test that all the features are working properly before deploying. Therefore my work is to write more tests if required and fix bugs that will lead to the acceptable code coverage range. Currently, the overall code coverage is 46% and you can understand that I have a long week ahead of me. Also there are going to be many changes made and thus my mentors have asked me to make separate PRs for all the scripts. That means in total there would be about 12 PRs in this week alone.

Did I get stuck anywhere?

Yes, right of the bat I ran into some errors. Firstly the certificates required for authorization had expired. So they had to be replaced in order for me to continue. Secondly, some of the services were not linked with the new certificates. SO they too had to to linked by the mentors. Lastly, some of the command line options were not giving the expected output due to internal errors. I created issues for each of the above problems and informed my mentors for guidance. The issues can be seen here:- #70, #83, #84, #85.