Weekly Check-In #1

Published: 06/10/2021

Hey, my name is Vinayak Sharma, I am a Second-year Electronics and communication engineering student from India. I will be working on creating an icon library for React during Google Summer of Code 2021. I am going to be working with EOS Design System on the project: EOS Icons react library.

About my project:

Currently EOS delivers icons via a set of well documented methods, which chiefly include EOS-Icons Package, CDN or direct download of icons in SVG/PNG formats. With the guidance and help of mentors, I want to develop an npm package that can deliver EOS Icons to its users as an independent component library and create a unified central system that will enable EOS to deliver its icons to various frameworks (e.g. React, Vue and Angular) independently. During the development process my chief goal would be to make this npm package as lightweight as possible in order to reduce the load put on the browser (using the tree shaking approach), which will create a smoother workflow for the users. Creating a central package of EOS Icons that can supply icons across React, Vue and Angular frameworks will go a long way in having a more consistent user experience as well as boost capability to accommodate users who migrate from one framework to another.

What did I do in the community bonding period?

There has been constant communication with mentors regarding the implementation of this project as it is going to be from scratch. I am really looking forward to work on this project. As the org is moving from GitLab to GitHub, I migrated the cra-eos-template repo to GitHub and created the GitHub workflows required for semantic release as it was previously using GitLab ci for semantic release.

What am I doing this week?

This week I will be working on implementing a base version of my project. I will be working with gulp files for automating the workflow of fetching all the different SVGs from the 'eos-icons' npm package.

Did I stuck anywhere?

Yes, I faced a few issues while implementing GitHub workflows as I was not previously well versed with the working of semantic release but with the help of mentors I was able to figure it out and implement the workflow