Weekly Check-In #11

Published: 08/16/2021

Hey all!

What did you do this week?

This week was spent in finishing up the Eos-Icons npm package for Vue 3 as well Vue 2. I have implemented tests using Jest and vue/test-utils. It was a bit difficult to set up the testing environment as the final files being produced were not directly compatible with vue test-utils and required conversion help of babel in order to be compatible. The tests cover all the props as well as the various themes. As the eos-icons React package has an option for common icon component, I added the support for the same in the Vue 3 package to maintain the consistency and user experience. I also added the config file, it helps in changing the default props before building the package. The Vue 3 npm package was published today 🎉, it is working as expected along with tree shaking capabilities.

What is coming up next?

For the final week, I will be working on getting the Vue 2 package published as soon as possible in order to make time for improving the documentation.

Did I stuck anywhere?

implementing tests using Vue/test-utils was a bit difficult, but with the help of babel I was able to implement a solution for it