2048's Weekly Check-in #0

Published: 05/21/2019

Weekly check-in #1: 13/05 to 20/05

Hello everyone, hope you all are doing great. I am Vipul Gupta (goes by vipulgupta2048 all over the web) checking in for the first time under the Scrapy Project. I will be working towards integrating Cerberus into the prime data validation library for our spiders, called Spidermon. You can read all about from here.

What did you do this week?

Due to my university, I couldn't accomplish much this week. My college's summer holidays begin from 17th May 2019, hence most of the week was exhausted there. Had a call with mentors, Renne and Julio who will be mentoring me. Renne and Julio are maintainers of Spidermon and employees of ScrapingHub. It was nice to e-meet them, we discussed summer plans, problems that the project is facing that we would be solving over the course of summers. We also set our weekly meeting times, methods to prepare our blogs, ways to pull requests, documentation, code linting etc. Moreover, I decided to understand the working of the present 2 validation techniques that are integrated with Spidermon helping me understand the importance of pipelines, and contribute towards a picture. I thought of a mini-project idea to implement the same, will discuss more about it in weekly blog.  

What is coming up next?

Well, in the next meeting we will be deciding our evaluation by evaluation goals for the project that needs to be completed. This would help both my mentors and me to track my progress and work accordingly. I will also setup the recommended environment in my system, start documenting whatever I am doing. There ain't much to setup now, but I would like to be thorough. I am also working on some documentation for the actions of Spidermon as part of issue #141
Will also be working towards researching possible ways to integrate Cerberus into Spidermon. Quite excited for it. 

Did you get stuck anywhere?

No specific issues yet, trying to get a bigger picture of what we are trying to do here. 

Thank you for reading!

Vipul Gupta
Would love to connect - Twitter? @vipulgupta2048 all over the web.