The week that has been @ 2048

Published: 07/09/2019


Week #7 03/07 to 09/07

What did you do this week?

I tested. A LOT!

Well, this week I have been testing, refactoring and rethinking quite a lot of components for both the validator as well as the translator. By rethinking components, I mean, I rewrote the same 100 lines of code of the validator, about three times now. Improving it so much that. Git almost shows the changes as upward of 70% on every commit. There are some great changes being suggested from the detailed reviews of Renne and Julio on my pull request. I feel that I know quite a lot of new things about Cerberus and it’s working. 

(Vipul is content with the progress, and lately, the mentors are too so everyone is happy.)

We are getting close with the validator, almost mergeable. Check out the PR here, let us know what more we could be doing - 

The translator is as ready as it can get. We have to just keep on writing unit tests for it and adding new messages for the errors be passed through it well. 


What is coming up next? 

We will be finishing the translator this week only, and starting with the refactoring of the itemvalidation pipelines as soon as possible. Since that’s a more important task in hand. 


Did you get stuck anywhere?

I have been asking several mini-questions to my mentors regarding code, best practices, how is the best way to get X done. I aim for them to take less time as possible. I think, it's working because nowadays I feel I am more commited to the project and able to get a lot more done. And that’s a good thing. At least for me. 


That’s about it, thank you for reading. How about this time, we have some comments to see if these small posts are even read to the end. I do make a good effort in making them fun. Writing is something that I enjoy doing. 


This is vipulgupta2048 signing out, don’t forget to comment!