Week 2 Blog Post

Published: 06/19/2020

What i have done this week

1. Use clean_command() to remove tabs and line indentations.

2. Add code to extract statements for a loop in parse_shell_loop_and_branch().

3. After discussion with my mentor, i remove the pipe symbol '|' from the seperators and add command 'export' as a variable assignment.

This should finish the first part of my proposal, with the splited concatenated commands we can parse them in the next step.

Here this an issue that we can replace variables in our command, i put this aside and will hanlde this after we finish the whole proposal.


Make a plan on how to parse the  concatenated commands. I will give a try on the current filter_install_command() function, and give some feedback on this.

Did i get stuck somewhere?

How to handle commands like `wget curl`, they are download commands, but how can we tell they are installing something. This remains to be discussed.