Week 5 Check-in

Published: 07/25/2020

What I have done this week

1. Fixed the bug. The shell script parser exits while parsing complex RUN command. After debugging, I found that function consolidate_commands()  will have a dead loop in this case. So I updated the logic in this function to fix it.

2. Build multistage dockerfile. I splited the multistage dockerfile into seperate dockerfiles for building. My mentor has reviewed on my draft code, the logic is right but the implementation should be better.

To Do

1. Finishing the part of multistage dockerfile building part. Improve the draft code.

2. Recognize install snippets that follow environment variable declarations. Issue 770.

Did I get stuck somewhere?

To perform the analysis on multistage dockerfile, i need to learn about how Tern deals with a simple Dockerfile. This is relative to my function designing of the analysis on multistage dockerfile. For now, i have a basic understanding, i need to go deeper while working on analysis on multistage dockerfile.