Contributing to DFFML, A guide to new contributors

Published: 08/06/2019

I wasn't myself a python expert or a machine learning when I started, all you need to have is some patience before contributing to any open source project. (I'll use dffml as a reference)

Browse which project interests you first, this is the most important. You should understand why you want to contribute, is it something you have been using, does it have something you want to learn to do, is it a project assigned to you or something like this. Then first go about the README, read how to setup the project, go through the guidelines and set it up locally. This can be difficult, if you face some problems, ask on the channel probably on irc, slack, gitter, whatever the organisation uses without hesitating. Open source is open, so ask without fear.

Once setup, you should go through the issues. If you are a beginner, there might be a label 'good first issue' or find something you can fix in the docs. Fix it according to the guidelines and open a pull request. It might be long that you have to wait for a review, be patient. Make changes if requested and boom you have made a contribution.

This was a very beginner guide and I'll make sure to make an advanced contribution guide.