Final week check-in

Published: 08/22/2019

Targets for this week:

Almost all my targets and extended goals were achieved before 19th August, this week I have been working on documentation for scikit models in dffml. We want to make the packages docs as clear as possible before release.

About the final evaluation:

I haven't yet submitted the final evaluation at the time writing this blog. I am waiting for documentation to get finished some how in the next couple days so that I can add it too in work chart. I think I have done my work well and I have bonded with project a lot that I think I will continue contributing to this project for a long time.


The challenge right now is thinking of the best way to document scikit model that we are brute forcing over discussions recently. I'll post couple more final blogs soon regarding contributing to larger projects as a beginner and probably one more about how to document your code.