Getting started with new models

Published: 07/23/2019

What did I do this week?

This week was mostly about testing and debugging the scikit linear regression model. After that I implemented saving and loading of the model, which took some time is debugging itself. This work was completed by Friday and I spent the weekend studying some other models including k-Nearest Neighbors, K Means and learnt about support vector machines.

Did I get stuck?

Oh, at loads of places. Most surprising and funny was that I was receiving negative accuracy out of scikit model and I had absolutely no idea what it meant. Now I have got it and mentors are looking into how to we can make this work for DFFML.

I got stuck in saving and loading too, as scikit offers saving and loading with pickle or joblib, I also had to save confidence of the model in a JSON that took tons of ideas and debugging.

Plans for upcoming week?

It'll probably be discussed in the weekly sync and previous two models would be merged.