Fourth Week [June 10th- June 16th] [2nd PSF Weekly Check-in]

Published: 06/17/2019

1. We finalized the pipeline using azure services for making the documentation of the build and deploying it to gh-pages. We successfully installed the ssh key to give us access. to deploy to gh-pages. I learned more about how sphinx and how it makes the documentation. I also optimized the code, deleting everything we do not need from both the azure-pipline script, and the additional called on shell file that runs the script to make the sphinx documentation and push it to gh-pages. 

2. I am working on the official documentation input for continious intergration using azure services, by editing the sphinx files. I am also formally learning and implementing markdown language. After that, I would like to implement better methods of creating our environment before making the build on the virtual machine host. As we spend about 4.5 minutes each time installing the environment using conda. 

3. I actually resolved my problem from last week, of a file merger conflict, by understanding more about what sphinx does, and identifying the necessary files to make the documentation from the files that are created as a result of making it. We currently make the build in a directory then move them all to another empty directory. 
It was difficult to comprehend how the documented files are made via rst files, but by consistantly looking at the current documentation of our organization (Tardis) and the written files, and looking at tutorials, I feel quite comfortable in making them.