Second Week [May 27th - June 2nd]

Published: 06/04/2019

1. This week I have setting up and understanding the continous integration done by the services of travis ci. The main thing I learned is how to set an encrypted environment variable to access a deploy key that is intended to deploy the documentation of our git repo build. The deploy key is generated through github, and serves as an access point to deploy to one of the repository's branches. 

2. I am now testing deploying files from my computer without doctr, to eventually use it for azure. Doctr, more or less, encrypts a ssh key that was set up as a deploy key, unlocks it for a specific branch, then deploys the documentation build that is available. 

3.The main issue came up when I attempted to deploy docs from my local computer using the same software it uses "doctr", which is only intended for travis ci. Another issure, is the passphrase I set for unlocking the potentially encrypted deploy key file, which cannot have special characters such as '+' and '='