Starting Off With Some Basic Widgets

After I thoroughly went through the code of the library I am working on during the Community Bonding period, I focused my attention to some basic widget implementations to get comfortable with writing code in VTK. After a video chat with my mentors during the first week, we came up with a list of tasks for me to complete to get my hands dirty.

Image Widget

My first widget was a simple image element which takes the image path and the required size as inputs. I started off with this because the code for this was pretty simple and most of it was already written in other classes.

Possible improvements to this include:

  1. Resizing the image with mouse.
  2. Changing the image by browsing the file system during display.

The code for this is available here :


I then moved on to implement a checkbox element. This was implemented as a composition of the Button2D and TextBox2D class objects. This was where I really started getting experience with VTK since I faced a lot of problems during implementation which made me go through a lot of documentation of the toolkit. It helped me find a few bugs in the classes that I used. This is what I finally made:

One issue I faced while implementing this was that the set of icons used in the Button2D class was a dictionary. This was a problem because we need a particular order for the icons in the buttons (Block followed by a Tick if checked) but dictionaries in python are randomly ordered, thus sometimes the buttons were initially ticks. After discussing with my mentors, we decided to change the dictionary to a list of tuples. The code for the same can be found here:

My mentors and I focused our attention to reviewing a pending PR in the repository. It is an important PR which refactors a huge portion of the code. I have decided to make a PR for checkbox after this PR and the one mentioned above are merged.

Plans for the Project

In a video call meeting, my mentors discussed what outcomes they expect from this project. They want me to move to 3D UI components ASAP, so I decided to complete the 2D portions in the next 2-3 weeks. One of the most important of the 2D widgets is a file select menu, which is not only an important component in itself, but can also enhance the functioning of other elements by allowing the user to control what is displayed.

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