More into my experiments on vtk

It’s time for another update of the work.  After having spent a lot of time exploring shaders, I came up with beautiful illustrations in my last blog. This time around, I will discuss the brief extension of the work done and will also talk about my recent Pull Request being merged.

vtk Ellipsoid with adjustable semi-major axis length

So, last week I introduced a sphere which can change colors based on the color input by the user. The next step is to move this further and make a sphere which can dynamically adjust the parameters while rendering continuously. The following example uses a slider to set the value of the semi-major axis. In our case, we are only changing the x coordinate to adjust the ellipsoid.

Initially, I had issues with dynamically rendering the screen. On discussion with Ranveer, we had in our mind two possible solutions:-

  • Destroy the renderer and render afresh every time. It is clear that this is not an elegant solution to the problem.
  • Update the renderer every time. This was an acceptable solution and quite logical.

This was discussed with Elef during our periodic conversation and he helped me sort out the problem of assigning the updated value back to the vtk ellipsoid.

The code is available here.

My Pull Request to Add Sphere object to the sphere class is merged.

My work on adding Sphere objects as a parameter to the sphere function got merged. The pull request can be seen here. I added faces and vertices parameter to the sphere. Now instead of providing the function every time with centers and radii, we can simply provide the faces and vertices which we get from the Sphere function of dipy.

Also, I am working on resolving my doubts with the function MapDataArrayToVertexAttribute. After today’s meet, it is clear and I will soon come up with the corrected version of my code.

The has been a good journey so far. I hope to say this till the end of my summers. Shaders are quite interesting and exciting. Looking forward to more fun.


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