GSOC project introduction

This is my first blog post dedicated to Google Summer of Code program participation, and here I would like to concisely introduce you to my plans for this Summer of Code.

During the period from 15th of May to 11th of August I will to work on my project entitled “Interactive 3D visualizations of human brain activity in the Jupyter Notebook using ipyvolume”. In general,  the aim of this project is to improve data visualization in MNE-Python when working with Jupyter Notebook. This will be achieved by implementing a package for interactive 3D visualization of human brain activity inside the notebooks. Currently the MNE-Python project uses mayavi and PySurfer to create 3D plots. A working alternative to mayavi and PySurfer built on top of ipyvolume and ipywidgets will be developed. Ultimately, the developed module will be added as a backend to the MNE package. Additionally, data visualization exportation to a variety of file formats (like html, gif, mp4, png, jpeg or svg) will be added at the final stages of project implementation.

The work will be divided in four phases. I am now in the first phase, which will end on 15th of May. During this time I have been familiarizing myself with different libraries (ipyvolume, ipywidgets, PySurfer, Nibabel, MNE) required for the project development. I have also had an online meeting with my mentors. We established a GitHub repository to submit my work in.

The other three phases will be dedicated to coding.  Phase 1 ends on June 11th, and during its period I am going to develop prototype of the module and examples of its usage in Jupyter-Notebook. I will continue to enrich and improve the module capabilities during  Phase 2, which will last till the 9th of July. Another my goal is to clean, test, document, and submit the code before end of Phase 3, August 14th.

I will publish updates on my project progress every two weeks. See you again here.

By using images or any other content I intend no copyright infringement.

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