GSOC Blog: Weeks 4-5

This is my fourth blog post dedicated to the Google Summer of Code program.

During the last two weeks, my firstĀ pull request to ipyvolume was merged. As a result, now it is possible to use alpha blending for making a 3D visualization of brain cortex. This is essential for continuation of my work. I have opened several new pull requests to this project. In details, this pull request introduces TypeScript support and small code styling changes, another pull request with small fixes to WebGL renderer configurations and one pull request with configuration of unit testing for the JavaScript part of the project.

One week ago, I made my first evaluation of mentors and passed my first evaluation. After that, me and my mentors have updated the GSOC project agenda for the next month. According to the new agenda, I have added several new task to the project, they are mostly based on my initial project proposal. Specifically, I am going create a function that will incorporate what I have done so far and will visualize brain activity patterns using MNE SourcEstimates objects, which are the way MNE stores activation data of the brain of a subject. Afterwards, I will add ability to change surface face color based on activity patterns. Finally, I am going to create an example on how ipyvolume can be integrated in MNE. For more details about my agenda see issues #21, #22, #23.

So, this is everything I have to share about my latest progress on the project, see you later.

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