GSOC Blog: Weeks 6-7

The fifth blog post dedicated to the Google Summer of Code program.

During the last two weeks I was working on adding plot_source_estimates function. The main purpose of this function is to plot brain cortex using MNE-objects representing activation data instead of raw EEG/MEG activation data. The function is going to be compatible with plot_source_estimates function from MNE package. The function that I am working on is based on the code written previously, but it has more capabilities, such as  a time viewer showing activation data for different moments of time and a color bar displaying  to which color data values correspond. In order to create a color bar I was using bqplot library. It was tricky to do since the changes to bqplot I need for a color bar plot implementation are not released yet. I still need to do a code review and merge these changes. For more details see my pull request.

The last but not least, my pull request to ipyvolume on adding unit tests, changes to webgl configurations and styling fixes were accepted a week ago. This is everything I have to share so far, see you soon!

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