GSOC Blog: Weeks 8-9

The sixth blog post dedicated to the Google Summer of Code program.

The biggest news is that I have passed my second phase evaluation. Besides that, during the last two weeks all of the requested features of plost_source_estimates function have been implemented. In detail, visual controls for color bar tweaking were added using ipywidgets. Moreover, support for new parameters and several minor fixes were done. We need to go through the final code review and merge the corresponding pull request.

A problem with ipyvolume camera rotation method was found. It was caused by the change of the default camera. An issue, dedicated to this bug, was created in ipyvolume repository.

With my mentors we agreed to change the API of GSOC project, so it will be more consistent with PySurfer API. The final goal is to provide 3D plotting capabilities similar to PySurfer but using WebGL. Initially, my GSOC project was done using mostly procedural programming paradigm, but with this shift use object-oriented programming will be required. It will significantly increase code readability and concern separation between different parts of the project. The new API will be built using previously implemented code.

This all the information about GSOC project workflow up to this time, see you later.

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