GSOC Blog: Weeks 10-11

This is the final blog post dedicated to Google Summer of Code.

During the last two weeks a pull request with plot_source_estimates function has been accepted. These changes add several important features to the project. First, now it is possible to plot activity patterns using information provided by MNE source estimates objects. Second, additional controls for information visualization are available now, among them are color bar controls and time controls. Finally, visualization of a color map and support for most of the parameters of the original plot_source_estimates function from MNE-Python have been added as well. I have added another pull request with important API changes. The main goal is to obtain an API like the one of PySurfer package. I have also introduced some unit tests and deleted old code and examples that are no longer needed. While doing my project work, I have found a bug in the master branch of ipyvolume and added a corresponding issue. I am going to fix it as soon as possible.

Since the program is almost over, I can say with confidence that it was an interesting experience. During the last three month I have learned a bunch of Python language features and several important tools used for programming in this language. I regard the introduction to open source development as an equally interesting and important part of the program. For several last month, I have also been working with a bunch of interesting open source projects like ipywidgets, ipyvolume, MNE-Python, PySurfer, three.js and PyThree.js. I hope that the work done during my program participation will be useful for MNE-Python and ipyvolume projects.

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