End of 2 Weeks of GSoC!

GSoC with the Python Software foundation has been an incredible journey so far and has made me really productive a programmer. Here are the links to the work that I have done so far and is obviously work in progress!

I maintain a repo called dipy-tests where I perform all my experiments. Here is the link to it:
I have started working on implementing the NODDIx model for Microstructure Imaging which was mentioned in the previous post!
Here is the link to the code that I have written so far:
Following are the commits that I have made to the my master nipy/dipy repo over the past 2 weeks: https://github.com/ShreyasFadnavis/dipy

I have also made some commits and got some pull requests merged with the main nipy/dipy repo of my PSF sub-organization. Here is the link to it:

Watch out for my next post!
Will be working on simulating data using the NODDIx model and performing some model fitting on it (some rigorous testing expected!)
GitHub: https://github.com/ShreyasFadnavis

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