What dry-run functionality would do?

Hello, world! 🙂

I am Sushil khanchi from India. And I am very excited about upcoming summer with a hope of learning a lot from GSoC. Let me tell you what I will be doing during this time period. As the title says Dry-run functionality to each write command in Mercurial”, so what exactly  Dry-run means:

In mercurial, we have some write commands with  –dry-run flag that turns on a mode in which user will get to know what will be the result output, without actually running that command. The focus of this project is to add dry-run functionality to each write command those are a good candidate at present. Some of the good candidates are phase, strip, pull, push, amend, graft, merge, rebase, histedit and unshelve. In case of rebase, histedit and graft prints out the graph that would result if we ran the command.

These are my present contributions

Thanks everyone, for giving me such a great opportunity.


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