–confirm option for rebase and nobackup config option for history editing commands

In last two weeks, I worked on adding:

  •  confirm option for rebase:

This option gives a functionality to confirm before finishing rebase so if we hit a conflict then it will simply abort and if rebase is successful then it will ask user to apply changes by prompting “apply changes (yn)?”


rebase: add –confirm option

rebase: make sure we don’t loose the return code in –confirm option

rebase: correct misleading message in –confirm option

rebase: in –confirm option just abort if hit a conflict

rebase: remove unnecessary confirm block

  • history-editing-backup config option

This config option aims to give a functionality to not store any backup for history editing commands like histedit, rebase, amend etc. Currently it support histedit only and I am working to add this in other commands also.

To enable this config add following lines in you .hgrc config file:


history-editing-backup = False


histedit: add history-editing-backup config option

histedit: drop –no-backup option


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