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Weekly Blog Post #2

Published: 06/24/2020

Hi every one, So after 3 weeks my PR finally got merged now tern have html feature up and running. I had some quizzes at the start of week so it was a very busy start of the week.

For now I have to work on the golang modules metadata extraction. Now this is a task Ive mentioned in my earlier blog posts also. Its been quite some time since I ve been banging my head on the wall. golang does not have a singular registry and package manager like node. I thought of using github rest api with but then curl does not comes bundled with all container images.So this is my next part of proposal.

I have my meet with mentors this week I think I will find something useful by then.


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Weekly Check-in #2

Published: 06/15/2020

What did I do this week?

Did some code clean up for the pr to be merged. Learnt about plugin management using stevedore and tern uses it to create new formats.

Also did some research on go metadata extraction.

What's next?

Will try to get the pr for html format merged by this week. And learn more about retrieving licenses of go modules.

Did I get stuck somewhere?

Unlike npm, pip and other package managers go does not have a way to list the metadata directly. Also there is not a singular registry where all modules can be found which makes it difficult to extract licenses of modules.

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Weekly Blog Post #1

Published: 06/07/2020

Tern can generate container analysis reports in different formats like json, txt, yaml etc. but the output genrated by tern's json report was very hard to read. So my task was to render to this json data beautifully in a html page which is more readable and intuitive. I made the code for the html page generation.

So this week I mostly worked on changing the UI of html page as requested by mentors.

My mentors suggested to preserve the json report generation of tern as it is now and create new format which will give reports in html.

So now users can choose html as a format from the command line and generate html reports for their container super easy to read.

Tern uses Stevedore as its plugin manager which makes it super easy to create new plugins.

But I still have a little code clean up to do. I look forward to discuss with it my mentors on our next meet.

In the upcoming week I will start working metadata extraction of glolang package managers.

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Weekly Check-in #1

Published: 05/30/2020


Hi everyone I am Abhay, I am a cse undergrad from India. I got selected in TERN sub-org to work on this summer. Tern is container analysis tool.
You can read my blog post here to learn more about it.
This first of many blog posts to come. So lets get started.

What did you do this week ?

I started working on creating UI for JSON reports generated by Tern. At first I used json2html library but that gave very ugly results :p. After that I decided to make a tree view for JSON data. I started writing recursive functions to generate the tree-view HTML report. I've opened a PR and making the changes requested by the mentors. I also had my first meeting with my mentors they are very helpful and supportive.

Did you get stuck anywhere ?

While writing the recursive code I struggled as the drop-down buttons didn't worked. Turns out ` <ul>`  tag cannot have another `<ul>` as its child. I found this with the help of html validator tool.

What is comping up next?

  • I have another meeting with my mentors.           
  • Make changes to the PR requested by mentors.           
  • Start working on golang modules metadata extraction.


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