Final weekly check-in #7

Published: 08/26/2019

Hey! Wassup?
Time has passed and it's my final blog for Google Summer of code 2019. Every day was just amazing, I learned a lot, enjoyed a lot, worked a lot. This was really a life-changing experience, I am starting to feel different, look at this world from a different angle and I am myself a-lot different from the time when I started this.
Now, about the work:
What did you do this week?
Well, I finished with the implementation of the documentation page of EOS-Icons. I just created a PR for that. PR link - This documentation page will be published at - 
I also finished my final evaluations and created my final work report.
What's coming next?
I also created a new PR for a few adjustments on the EOS-Icons landing page. I am planning to refactor the code and improve responsiveness. So, I am working on that now. Later I will work on a few other things that are still pending, mainly deploying strapi on Heroku.
Did you stuck anywhere?
Not really, this week was just about documentation and most of which was already on the readme, so it wasn't that of a big deal.
So, ya this was all for my Google Summer of code 2019. Well, I won't be updating this blog for my future work because this was just for GSoC period. Maybe you can check me out on other platforms.
Here is my linked-in -
My twitter -

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