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Seventh Blog - GSOC 2019

Published: 08/19/2019

Hey! welcome back.

As I mentioned in my previous blog, internet services were paused here in J&K, India. And internet is not back yet. But somehow I have internet access, and its a long story(see previous blog). 

Lets come to main point. I was working on the cheatsheet and was fixing some landing page bugs when internet stopped working here. After that I somehow managed to finish those changes.

Then a week ago I started working on the documentation page. I finished the working prototype of that a few days ago and right now mentors are reviewing that. 

In the meanwhile I am trying to implement the documentation section. Originally I had to use opensource CMS, Strapi  which will manage all our content and documentation page was to made separate from rest of the website and has to be generated through API. But since time is less mentors decided to leave that for later. So, right now I am creating that page within the main repo and after that when it is complete, I will start working on Strapi and then separate this documentation section from the main menu.

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Weekly check-in #6

Published: 08/12/2019


Well, this was suppose to be my 6th weekly check-in and I had to tell what I did this week, what I am going to do next and where did i stuck.

But this week something else happened. Internet was shut down in my college, home, everywhere and It was so frustrating. And internet is not working even now. But I managed to somehow find a place near my college where this person has his own personal owned network and its working, its terribly slow but working. I go there for a few hours everyday and try to do some work. Well we were not even allowed to leave college but now things are better. I hope internet gets back soon!.

Let me explain briefly why this happened:

I live in a state called J&K(Jammu and Kashmir) which is a part of India but there was a law which kept this state isolated from rest of the country. On 5 august this law(actually these were two articles) was removed and J&K is officially the part of India. Everyone is happy except for a terrorist group which is planing to launch a huge terrorist attack here in J&K . To prevent this Indian government has paused all the internet and transport services, roads are closed, we were not allowed to leave the University because of this high alert. But... somehow I managed to get out of college and get to this shop nearby which has its own private owned network and its still working. Its very slow but working. So, yeah I am texting you from there. Sorry for making this so boring but this is it.

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SIxth Blog - GSOC 2019

Published: 08/04/2019

Hello there, 

Its good to see you here.

So, this week I created a new PR for the new cheatsheet and also to fix a few responsiveness bugs on the landing page. My work for that PR is done. I have to fix a few things on the new cheatsheet too. There are a few features that require popper.js but thing is that popper.js is not working properly with the CDN so I need to download it and use it offline like we use bootstrap in vendors.min.css file. For using popper.js offline I need to edit a lot of stuff including gulp files. That's why I am first going to design a new documentation page for EOS Icons first then later I will fix the popper issue.

Ahh. I think that's it for now.


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Weekly check-in #5

Published: 07/28/2019

Hi and welcome again!

Let's get going.

What did you do this week?

Last week I was fixing bugs and errors in the landing page code. I finished with that(almost). I had a really hard time, because I created a lot more errors while fixing a few errors. But Finally, I don't remember how but I fixed those. Well, I still need to do a few more adjustments but its fine. Also, I wrote the code for the cheatsheet and its almost ready.

What's coming next?

After I finish with the Landing page and cheatsheet, I will create a Mockup for the documentation page of EOS and later I may have to implement it too. Those are some later plans.

Did you stuck anywhere?

Yes, yes I was stuck for a long time here, when I was fixing the landing page. Man, I don't know how but some vs-code extension played with my code and created some .map files on its own. And keeps on generating those files automatically every time I use gulp. That was a pain but eventually, I was able to fix that!

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Fifth Blog - GSOC 2019

Published: 07/21/2019

Hey! Welcome. 

I hope you are doing well. Oh, you are here to see how am I doing right?

Well, I started implementing cheatsheet(remember what cheatsheet is?If not then see previous blogs!). I planned to first create basic html, css and javascript files. But something else happened. 

Remember that landing page I created earlier?It's not working properly since my mentors shifted everything to new SMACSS structure. So, now I decided to stop the implemetation for now. First I will fix the landing page, then insted of first creating basic pages in Html, CSS and javascript. I will directly code in pug, SCSS and will use javascript in it in accordance with the brand new SMACSS structure. This all is not much of a big deal. Cheatsheet doesn't require much time to finish. I just need to fix the landing page first.

So, I am working on it right now. See u later!

Till then, Peace!

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