Fourth Blog - GSOC 2019

Published: 07/11/2019

Hello and welcome to my fourth blog for gsoc 2019.

So, this week was really challenging for me because I was implementing the Landing page for EOS icons. Yes, its the same page I started implementing more than a week ago, but things have changed since then. Earlier I was trying to create my own CSS but it was getting very lengthy and hard so I removed it all and shifted to bootstrap 4 and also I converted all the html to pug. I also had to change grunt files but my mentors recently thought of not using grunt anymore and shift to gulp. So now we will generate our webpage with gulp. After all this I created the PR and pushed all my changes to it.

This might sound very simple and straight forward but actually it wasn't. I had a really bad time removing all the layout errors, keeping in mind the responsiveness of the webpage. Overall this was a great experience, especially when I finally saw the landing page, I was like questioning myself "Am I the one who wrote the code for all this?really?me? " 

Anyways this was fun. So, see u later. Stay tuned!