Weekly check-in #6

Published: 08/12/2019


Well, this was suppose to be my 6th weekly check-in and I had to tell what I did this week, what I am going to do next and where did i stuck. 

But this week something else happened. Internet was shut down in my college, home, everywhere and It was so frustrating. And internet is not working even now. But I managed to somehow find a place near my college where this person has his own personal owned network and its working, its terribly slow but working. I go there for a few hours everyday and try to do some work. Well we were not even allowed to leave college but now things are better. I hope internet gets back soon!. 

Let me explain briefly why this happened:

I live in a state called J&K(Jammu and Kashmir) which is a part of India but there was a law which kept this state isolated from rest of the country.
On 5 august this law(actually these were two articles) was removed and J&K is officially the part of India. Everyone is happy except for a terrorist group which is planing to launch a huge terrorist attack here in J&K .
To prevent this Indian government has paused all the internet and transport services, roads are closed, we were not allowed to leave the University because of this high alert.
But... somehow I managed to get out of college and get to this shop nearby which has its own private owned network and its still working. Its very slow but working. So, yeah I am texting you from there. Sorry for making this so boring but this is it.