Weekly Check In - 7

Published: 07/23/2020

What did I do till now?

This week I implemented the ScrapyH2Agent which is the handled directly by H2DownloadHandler to issue requests. Internally the ScrapyH2Agent uses

  • H2Agent ✅
  • ScrapyProxyH2Agent ✅
  • ScrapyTunnelingH2Agent

The ScrapyTunnelingH2Agent is still work in progress. Besides the coding part, I read articles on how CONNECT protocol works for HTTP/2 in order to implement the tunneling agent.


What's coming up next?

This week I plan to 

  • Complete ScrapyTunnelingH2Agent implementation
  • Add public documentation on how to use H2DownloaderHandler
  • Add unit tests for H2Agent

Did I get stuck anywhere?

This week I did not face any major blockers 🙂