Weekly Check In - 8

Published: 07/30/2020

What did I do till now?

Last week I added tests for H2Agent and H2DownloaderHandler

What's coming up next?

Next week I plan to continue working on ScrapyTunnelingH2Agent.

Did I get stuck anywhere?

Yes. I got stuck for a long time while setting up the testing environment of H2DownloaderHandler. The problem was a bit weird one, till now Scrapy was using the Twisted's WrappingFactory class to wrap the Site instance, which allows only upto HTTP/1.1 (for unknown reasons) which took me a long time to realize. After removing the WrappingFactory, the tests environment was setup as required. Apart from this another hurdle I'm still facing is about the CONNECT Protocol in HTTP/2.0, I couldn't really find much blogs/articles on this to get a better idea. I plan to look at some open-source libraries' implementation of HTTP/2.0 CONNECT now.