Week 1: Setting Up

Published: 06/14/2021

This week I started a new repository, `mne-ieeg-localize` for the project! I set up tests and documentation and ported over one function from previous work and mostly raised it to MNE standards. I'm a bit stuck on test writing and testing data. For now, I think I will host the test data on Google Drive and figure out how large the file size needs to be. It will be in the neighborhood of 2 - 4 GB and the 3D image processing makes the test take on the order of tens of minutes or hours. I need to find a way to work around these issues to make sure that the tests still cover functionality while not being prohibitively long. This week I plan to finish the implementation of the coregistration and compare the Dipy affine alignment to the Nipy histogram registration. Ideally, we could remove this dependency by writing it all in numpy, but the symmetric diffeomorphic registration would be a big ask to reimplement and so Dipy is a dependency that looks to be here to stay. It's worth looking into if it's not too much to write these functions to be maintained as part of the package. I was a bit busy this week as I had my comprehensive/prelim PhD candidacy exams so I