Week 2: Getting into the Implementation

Published: 06/19/2021

This week I worked on translating existing code to register a CT to an MRI and warp one MRI to an average template into a mne-python example. The existing code works great, but there are quite a few dependencies so I looked into refactoring and reimplementing. That hasn't gone smoothly yet but I think I have learned quite a bit about all the algorithm implementations so that I know what needs to be done. I was able to eliminate a skimage dependency by refactoring to use the marching cubes implementation in VTK so that was the first success. I might have to add back the skimage dependency if I reimplement the histogram registration though. I am a bit stuck on getting the example to execute quickly and making it easy to understand for the user as multiple dependencies and their formats make that tough. I'm waiting for reviews to help out with that as I move on to improving the implementation of the GUI by embedding VTK plots instead of matplotlib.