GSoC: Week #12

Published: 08/17/2020


What did you do this week?

I improved the coordinates generation code according to the feedback I got from my mentors. Now it performs better and is more efficient as only the UDFs which need the coordinates call the generation code. There are quite a lot of ways to read from a HDF5 file, so to find the optimal solution to HDF5’s sync_offset problem, I created another prototype to read binary data from a HDF5 file using indices but it turned out to be 10x slower than reading slices directly using read_direct. I also got a better understanding of the K2-IS dataset’s meta and implementation in LiberTEM.

What is coming up next?

I’ll continue working on HDF5 and K2IS's sync flag. There are a few more things I can do to improve the coordinates generation code, so I’ll work on that. There are also a few bugs to be fixed and usability improvements to be made on the client side before the PR can be merged.

Did you get stuck anywhere?