GSoC: Week #13

Published: 08/24/2020


What did you do this week?

I worked on a recursive function which splits tile_slices in order to properly read from reshaped HDF5 files. Now the scan dimensions can be reshaped for n-D HDF5 data!! But there’s a bug to be fixed before the detector dimensions can be reshaped. Splitting tiles was much faster than reading each frames using their indices. I also improved the coordinates generation by making it a cached property and I fixed some bugs in the RAW and EMPAD dataset to fix the errors thrown while specifying a shape larger than their image_count.

What is coming up next?

I’m working on HDF5’s sig_shape reshaping and sync_offset. K2IS’ sync_flag is still WIP. A few changes need to be done on the client side to handle the deprecation of ‘scan_size’ and ‘detector_size’. I’ll update the docs as well.

Did you get stuck anywhere?