GSoC: Week #14

Published: 08/31/2020


What did you do this week?

I wrote docs, looked into K2IS’ sync_flag and completed implementing positive sync_offset for HDF5. I also extracted the recursive slice splitting code in HDF5 into its own function and wrote tests for it. While working on HDF5, I faced a strange bug in which the unit tests passed when ran on real datasets but failed when ran on randomly generated temporary data.

What is coming up next?

Handle combinations of sync_offset and reshaping, fix sig_shape reshaping and the bug mentioned above for HDF5. I’ve almost figured out how the sectors are synced in K2IS, so hope to finish it soon. I’ve a few more things on my todo list before my PR can be merged and I think this would be my last GSoC blog, so thanks a lot for reading!

Did you get stuck anywhere?

No, but I must say that the best and most challenging part of this journey was deciding between different algorithmic/design solutions to solve problems in my project.

Thanks again to my mentors, PSF and Google for this opportunity!