GSoC: Week #3

Published: 06/14/2020


What did you do this week?

Last week’s manual sync feature wasn’t correct as the partitions are supposed to span the missing data and ignore the tiles, not just skip the missing frames. So I fixed that issue this week, wrote some tests accordingly, added some UX improvements and finished implementing the manual sync feature for the MIB dataset. I wrote a prototype for reshaping a 3D dataset with flattened scan dimensions into 4D. It doesn’t actually reshape the data; instead, it reshapes the 4D slice objects into 3D and then reads the data using the slices.

What is coming up next?

I’ll implement the manual sync feature with tests for K2IS, HDF5 and the memory format this week. The K2IS format would need some more looking into as it is quite different from the other formats and allows specifying a sync flag. The prototype for reshaping might also need to be improved or completely changed, so I’ll work on that too.

Did you get stuck anywhere?