GSoC: Week #4

Published: 06/22/2020


What did you do this week?

I found out that for the manual sync feature to work correctly, the partitions need to span the missing frames introduced by setting a negative offset too, along with spanning any missing data at the end. That means only the tiling part should be changed, not the partitions. So I wrote a simple prototype for setting a positive sync offset for the HDF5 format’s get_tiles function. If the approach is good, a similar one can be used for setting an offset for rest of the formats, the difference being the way data is read. I also found out that this way, the K2IS format’s sync flag can be handled too. I also implemented reshaping in the GUI form this week.

What is coming up next?

I’ll work on handling the offset with a ROI, make changes to the API to handle additional info for the features and improve the prototypes. I’ll start working on generalizing them for n-D datasets after I get my mentors’ approval.

Did you get stuck anywhere?