Weekly blog post #8

Published: 07/26/2021

What are you working on?

This week I was splitting all the lectures with the structure that I proposed last week for a better learning experience for the users of the course. For these changes I opened 13 PRs that are now under revision.

Right now, to keep enhancing the course experience I’m working on matching lectures with quizzes. That way each time a student finishes to study one lecture gets to practice the same topic.

What have you struggled with?

An issue came up with the structure I suggested. The sublectures were numbered to follow an order, but this made that the next and previous buttons display some html text and not just the title.

What solutions have you found?

I have asked to the Runestone community why this is happening. But if it’s not possible to fix this we have decided to just remove the numbered tag and leave the titles unnumbered.